Boondocks RV Storage was brought to existence in 2016 to help people looking for storage solutions for their recreational vehicles. The name Boondocks RV storage comes from the term "boondocking" that refers to dry camping or camping without power and hook ups. Since storing your RV or recreational vehicles is done without power or hook ups we thought it was fitting to call it Boondocks RV Storage. 

Boondocks RV Storage is just one component of a new Canadian brand called Boondocks. The company is geared up and ready to introduce many new ideas and innovations in the world of Boondocking. This site will focus on the RV storage and keeping your toys safe until you return to the boondocks for your next adventure. The blog you will be able to access from this sight will focus on product reviews and experiences had out in the wilderness. 

Boondocks RV Storage is more than a storage facility it is a place for like minded people to get together and share their experiences. Since everyone on site has common interests it will be easy to get to know your neighbors and possible share in some adventures. We encourage all our members to share their experiences and favorite outdoor gear with our community. When you are hooking up or dropping off take a moment to see if anyone else is around and get to know them if you don’t already. 

Share, Explore, Experience the Boondocks!